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actually one of these days i will get this damn thing published...maybe....

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the truest bond of human experience is of our similar thoughts and actions that span the difference of gender and race.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

many thanks to them that said it first...

i guess it is time to post up the post mortum, and give thanks...anything in "" is from this list somewhere...

i could do more and actually number it all but why? the damn bloggerer draft mode does not copy over the numbers for quoting.. i am giving credit where credit is due...i just realized i lost all numerical credits when copy and pasting... oh well...

oh and it is a twofer day. i will be posting the next chapter as well!

Billy Hirt, Jr.
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Former President Bill Clinton.
 Peter Pan: Or The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up, 1904 J. M. Barrie

Phraseology from the 1970’s…don’t know who said it first…but it was a common t-shirt theme.

Donnie B. aka DP, Winter camping expedition 2005-01

Keith N. Winter camping expedition 2001.
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Winter camp 2006.
 By Bjorn Carey Jan. 20, 2005

Billy Hirt, Jr. 2001 Winnetka, IL
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Rich M.

Keith N. Minnestota fishing trip
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Loosely borrowed from the original “Planet of the Apes” movie circa 1970ish.
 By Arthur Fox 1998

“The Elephant Man”
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Jared P. Winter Camping 2005.

Lost in space. Television show CBS 1965
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 .Jeff Cohen
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Keith N.

Rich M.

Title to a song by Cindi Lauper
 Girls Just Want to Have Fun
 .Sony BMG Music.

You know who you are, so I will not incriminate you.

Aunt Sharon c.1982
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Jared P. Winter Camping 2005
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Hey , that’s my song, from Key West in 1998. wow. Shameless self-promotion, I. tell. you. what!

Internet joke author unknown.

Stan Lee editor Marvel Comics™ circa 1970.
©2005 Brooke Bessesen
 the Little Rascals.
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Ed Johnson

Ed Johnson

Ed Johnson
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Youths in Rural U.S. Are Drawn To Military Recruits' Job Worries Outweigh War Fears Ann Scott Tyson

Friday, November 4, 2005; A01
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By Jerrold Lee Shapiro, special to BabyCenter
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